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Berichte aus den Fachgruppen und Arbeitskreisen

  • Sonderteil: Proceedings of the Symposium on Software Performance (SSP 2016), 8. - 9. November 2016, Kiel
    • W. Hasselbring, S. Becker, A.v. Hoorn, S. Kounev, R. Reussner: 7th Symposium on Software Performance (SSP) Kiel, November 08-09, 2016 PDF
    • M. Blohm, S. Vogel, M. Pahlberg, J. Walter, D. Okanović: Kieker4DQL: Declarative Performance Measurement PDF
    • G. Dittrich, C. Wulf: Extraction of Operational Workflow-based User Behavior Profiles for Software Modernization PDF
    • F. Echternkamp, C. Wulf: Kieker in Eclipse - A Plug-in for Application Performance Monitoring and Dynamic Analysis in Eclipse PDF
    • M. Frank, M. Hilbrich: Performance Prediction for Multicore Environments - A Experiment Report PDF
    • M. Hilbrich, M. Frank, S. Lehrig: Security Modeling with Palladio - Different Approaches PDF
    • R. Jung, C. Wulf: Advanced Typing for the Kieker Instrumentation Languages PDF
    • F. Keller, M. Vőlter, A. van Hoorn, K. Birken: Leveraging Palladio for Performance Awareness in the IETS3 Integrated Specification Environment PDF
    • H. Knoche: Combining Application-Level and Database-Level Monitoring to Analyze the Performance Impact of Database Lock Contention PDF
    • M. Konersmann, J. Holschbach: Automatic Synchronization of Allocation Models with Running Software PDF
    • S. D. Krach, C. Stier, A. Tsitsipas: Modeling IaaS Usage Patterns for the Analysis of Cloud Optimization Policies PDF
    • J. Kroβ, H. Krcmar: Modeling and Simulating Apache Spark Streaming Applications PDF
    • A. Moebius, S. Ulrich: Improving Kieker′s Scalability by Employing Linked Read- Optimized and Write-Optimized NoSQL Storage PDF
    • M. Oehler, A. Wert, C. Heger: Online Anomaly Detection Based on Monitoring Traces PDF
    • H. Eichelberger, A. Sass, K. Schmid: From Reproducibility Problems to Improvements: A journey PDF
    • S. Seifermann, K. Yurchenko, M. E. Kramer: Challenges to Trading-Off Performance and Privacy of Component-Based Systems PDF
    • M. Strittmatter, M. Junker, K. Rostami, S. Lehrig, A. Kechaou, B. Liu, R. Heinrich: Extensible Graphical Editors for Palladio PDF
    • H. Strubel, C. Wulf: Refactoring Kieker′s Monitoring Component to Further Reduce the Runtime Overhead PDF
    • J. Walter, M. Kőnig, S. Eismann, S. Kounev: PAVO: A Framework for the Visualization of Performance Analyses Results PDF
    • F. Willnecker, C. Vőgele, Helmut Krcmar: SiaaS: Simulation as a Service PDF
    • C. Zirkelbach, M. Adolf: An Elastic Layers Pattern Approach with Dynamically Added Layer PDF
  • Technische Beiträge
    • S. Schőnig, C. Cabanillas, C. Di Ciccio, S. Jablonski, J. Mendling: Mining Resource Assignments and Teamwork Compositions from Process Logs PDF

  • Konferenzberichte PDF

    • Konferenzankűndigungen PDF

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