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  • International Workshop on Comparison and Versioning of Software Models, 25.-28. Februar 2014 in Kiel
    • U. Kelter, P. Pietsch, J. O. Ringert: Report on the International Workshop on Comparison and Versioning of Software Models (CVSM 2014) PDF
    • T. Kehrer, U. Kelter: Versioning of Ordered Model Element Sets PDF
    • S. Krusche, B. Bruegge: Model-based Real-time Synchronization PDF
    • S. Roth, F. Matthes: Visualizing Differences of Enterprise Architecture Models PDF
    • T. Ruhroth, Stefan Gärtnery, Jens Bürger, Jan Jürjens, Kurt Schneidery: Versioning and Evolution Requirements for Model-Based System Development PDF
    • K. Müller, Bernhard Rumpe: User-Driven Adaptation of Model Differencing Results PDF


  • FG ARC: Berichte und Beiträge vom Workshop "Modellbasierte und Modellgetriebene Softwaremodernisierung", 19. März 2014 in Wien PDF
    • S. Becker, M. Riebisch, S. Sauer, B. Klatt, T. P. Ruhroth: Modellbasierte und Modellgetriebene Softwaremodernisierung PDF
    • M. Derakhshanmanesh, J. Ebert, G. Engels: Why Models and Code Should be Treated as Friends PDF
    • H. M. Sneed: Reverse-Modellierung von Traceability zwischen Code, Test und Anforderungen PDF
    • A. Dragomir, M. Firdaus Harun, Horst Lichter: An Architecture for Toolbox-based Software Architecture Reconstruction Solutions PDF
    • E. Schulz, W. Hasselbring, A.van Hoorn, H. Knoche: Model-Driven Load and Performance Test Engineering in DynaMod PDF
    • G. Pandey, J. Jelschen, A. Winter, C. von Ossietzky: Towards Quality Models in Software Migration PDF
    • J. Reimann, M. Brylski, U. Aßmann: A Tool-Supported Quality Smell Catalogue For Android Developers PDF
    • M. Grieger, S. Sauer, M. Klenke: Architectural Restructuring by Semi-Automatic Clustering to Facilitate Migration towards a Service-oriented Architecture PDF
    • M. Langhammer, M. E. Kramer: Determining the Intent of Code Changes to Sustain Attached Model Information During Code Evolution PDF - not found
    • S. Becker, M. Riebisch, S. Sauer, B. Klatt, T. P. Ruhroth: Modellbasierte und Modellgetriebene Softwaremodernisierung PDF
  • FG SRE und AK L2S2: Berichte und Beiträge vom 16. Workshop ``Software-Reengineering und -Evolution'' und 6. Workshop ``Design for Future'', 28. - 30. April 2014 in Bad Honnef
    • 16. Workshop Software-Reengineering und -Evolution PDF
    • N. Göde, L. Heinemann, B. Hummel, D. Steidl: Qualität in Echtzeit mit Teamscale PDF
    • V. Bauer, F. Deissenboeck, L. Heinemann: Assessing Third-Party Library Usage in Practice PDF
    • G. Pandey, J. Jelschen, D. Kuryazov, A. Winter, C. von Ossietzky: Quality Measurement Scenarios in Software Migration PDF
    • J. Ladiges, A. Fay, Christopher Haubeck, W. Lamersdorf: Semi-automated decision making support for undocumented evolutionary changes PDF
    • M. Küster, K. Krogmann: Checkable Code Decisions to Support Software Evolution PDF
    • M. Schubanz, A. Pleuss, H. Jordan, G. Botterweck: Guidance for Design Rationale Capture to Support Software Evolution PDF
    • R. Heumüller, J. Quante, A. Thums: Parsing Variant C Code: An Evaluation on Automotive Software PDF
    • B. Klatt, K. Krogmann, C. Wende: Consolidating Customized Product Copies to Software Product Lines PDF
    • B. Zhang, M. Becker: Variability Realization Improvement of Software Product Lines PDF
    • S. Groesbrink, H. Nixdorf: Increasing the Reusability of Embedded Real-time Software by a Standardized Interface for Paravirtualization PDF
    • C. Becker, U. Kaiser: Applikationswissen in der Sprachkonvertierung am Beispiel des COBOL-Java-Converters CoJaC PDF
    • U. Borkowski, P. Muchmore: ClientJS: Migrating Java UI Clients to HTML 5 and JavaScript - An Experience Report PDF
    • H. M. Sneed: Migration alter Assembler Programme in COBOL PDF
    • W. Teppe: Data Reengineering and Evolution in (industriellen) Legacy Systemen PDF
    • M. Fazal-Baqaie, M. Grieger, S. Sauer, M. Klenke: A Method to Systematically Improve the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Semi-Automatic Migration of Legacy Systems PDF
    • D. Uhlig: Testautomatisierung am Beispiel des COBOL-to-Java-Converters CoJaC PDF
    • J. Knodel, M. Naab: Mitigating the Risk of Software Change in Practice - Retrospective on More Than 50 Architecture Evaluations in Industry (Keynote Paper) PDF
    • J. Siegmund: Measuring Program Comprehension with fMRI PDF
    • B. Klatt, K. Krogmann, V. Kuttruff: Developing Stop Word Lists for Natural Language Program Analysis PDF - not found
    • T. Görg, M. Northover: A Canonical Form of Arithmetic and Conditional Expressions PDF
    • F. Streitel, D. Steidl, E. Jürgens: Dead Code Detection On Class Level PDF
    • J. Jelschen, A. Winter, C. von Ossietzky: Modeling Service Capabilities for Software Evolution Tool Integration PDF
    • A. Fuhr, V. Riediger, J. Ebert: Towards Generic Services for Software Reengineering PDF
    • T. Felden: Efficient and Change-Tolerant Serialization for Program Analysis Tool-Chains PDF

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